About Us

Welcome to the Best Healthcare Service company in Africa.

Africa Lifecare is a global Healthcare company of African Origin focused on  private and public sectors.  Africa LifeCare in partnership with other Healthcare companies from India has established them self as the preferred company for healthcare services  and  healthcare products industry.

We proudly support African health practitioners with a professional service and huge range of products that are shipped rapidly and accurately.We strive to be the providers of the finest healthcare products and services to Africa. We do this by providing excellent professional service to customers through understanding customer health needs, and the environment in which our customers live and operate.

We believe in fair and competitive pricing, we will do our utmost to supply the products and services that we provide at the absolute best available price.We believe in cultivating relationships that are of mutual benefit, both equitable and profitable for all parties concerned.

Our key focus segments include Mother and Child Care, Contraceptives, Medical Devices, Cardiology & Implantable Devices, Imaging Sciences, Diagnostics (IVD and Critical Life Support Solutions , Ophthalmology and Dental Technologies, boasting as one of the most comprehensive solution offerings in value and premium segments in the Medical Technology space across the globe.
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